Elaine Chew

Operations Researcher • Pianist
Professor of Engineering | King’s College London
( Department of Engineering | School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences )
Music science: Music information research, computational music structure analysis, performance science, music perception and cognition, music representation
Mathematical science: Data science, visualisation, sonification, mathematical modelling, optimisation, probability & statistics, signal processing
Cardiovascular science: Neurocardiology, autonomic response, time/frequency domain signal analysis, ECG sonification

1. Falling Walls Breakthrough of the Year (Art & Science): Breaking the Wall to Musical Medicine
2. Elez / Boulaine (with Gérard Assayag, somax2) semi-improvised performance with real-time visualisation of performer heartbeats, breathing, and heart rate variability on heartfm (software engineer: Charles Picasso)
3. Arrhythmia Suite III., Ventricular Early Beats with Short Runs of Ventricular Tachycardia collaged from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony mvts 3 & 4
4. Heart Rhythm Congress (Lifelong Learning): Music – An underutilised tool in neuro-cardiology? (co-presenting with Pier Lambiase)

1. Los Angeles Philharmonic Inside the Music: real-time tonal analysis & visualisation of 18th variation in Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini on musa_rt (software engineer: Alexandre François)
2. Le Piano Virtuose (on Le Monde and Reportage CNRS): A short film about the ERC COSMOS project (English version)(with IRCAM COSMOS team)
3. Arrhythmia music on the CosmoNote citizen science platform for interactive viewing, hearing, annotating of music and linked biosignals (cosmonote software engineer: Lawrence Fyfe)
4. ARTE.TV : 42, la réponse à presque tout (the answer to almost everything) : Entendons-nous tous pareil ? (Do we all hear the same ?)