CosmoNote Citizen Science Web-based Portal

Interactive web-based visualisation, listening, and annotation of music and linked biosignals
withLawrence Fyfe and Daniel Bedoya
[ ]

HeartFM Mobile App and Desktop Visualisation

with Charles Picasso and Pier Lambiase
[ ]

MuSA.RT Music on the Spiral Array . Real-Time

Real-time analysis and visualisation of tonal structures based on the spiral array model
with Alexandre R J Fran├žois
[ ]

Analysis Tools


Performed midi- and/or audio-to-score alignment with tempo, loudness, tension calculations
with Corentin Guichaoua and Daniel Bedoya
[ coming soon ]

Spiral array-based Tension Model

Tension model based on the spiral array with measures for dissonance, chord change rate, and distance from key
with Dorien Herremans
[ ]

AVA Automatic Vibrato Analysis

Automatic vibrato analysis using the filter diagonalisation method, and portamento analysis using logistic models
with Luwei Yang and Khalid Rajab
[ ]


MazurkaBL 2000 Chopin Mazurkas with Beat and Loudness Annotations

Dataset of beat and loudness annotations of 2000 Chopin Mazurka recordings
with Katerina Kosta and Oscar Bandtlow
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