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BBC World Service : Unexpected Elements : Unexpected Oscars

Unexpected Oscars : Best Original Music
Producer : Alex Mansfield
Presenters : Marnie Chesterton, Godfred Boafo, and Camilla Moto
7 March 2024

Live Fix Podcast #51 : The Beautiful Dance Between Our Heart and Live Performance with Professor and Concert Pianist Elaine Chew : (Interviewers Chris and Colleen Catania) . 14 May 2023

European Research Council 10k Grantees Celebration : How the ERC Transformed Science : Interview with Elaine Chew (Interview by Antoine Lheureux) . 12 May 2021

BBC World Service : Health Check

Music can soothe or excite people – sending our hearts racing or slowing them down. Scientists in London wondered if music could also help control irregular heart rhythms known as arrhythmias. So patients with the condition have had their hearts monitored during a special live music performance. (starts ~8:52)
Interviewees : Elaine Chew, Pier Lambiase, patient volunteer
Presenter : Bobbie Lakhera
9 August 2018

BBC Radio 3 : Music Matters

With events celebrating the 70th anniversary of the NHS happening this week, Kate Molleson meets the pianist and mathematics researcher Elaine Chew, whose own experiences with heart arrhythmias have led her to respond to music differently and create new pieces. (starts ~21:00)
Presenter : Kate Molleson
7 July 2018

Ada Lovelace Day : Ep 9: Prof Elaine Chew & Dr Helen Scales

This month, we talk to Prof Elaine Chew about how she uses computer software to mathematically model music, and Dr Helen Scales tells us about the life and work of Dr Eugenie Clark, The Shark Lady.
Presenter : Suw Charman-Anderson
30 January 2017