Doubles : Music of Peter Child

Albany Records : TR 1114

[ LISTEN ] Prologue • IX Mazurka • X Precious Jewel • XI Spring Song • XII Floating • XIII Cockatoo • XIV Riversong • XV Sampan Variations • Epilogue

[ REVIEW1 ] Doubles (also 1999), despite listing two pianists in the headnote, is in fact three linked sets of short solo pieces, written for the two performers as successive sets. I find it most remarkable for several truly fleeting pieces, which demand not just speed and dexterity but a jeweled precision of touch. Both Chew and Deveau are up to the challenge. ~ Robert Carl, Fanfare Magazine

[ REVIEW2 ] In fact, the music is technically challenging, but performed extremely gracefully throughout. … The final work – Doubles is, depending on how you cut it, a work exploring bitonality with three sections, and a prologue and epilogue, or a prologue, fourteen short pieces, and an epilogue.  The short pieces can be grouped into larger sections based on who the pieces were written for: the first set, written for his daughter, the second and third set for the two pianists who perform the works – Elaine Chew and David Deveau.  Chew’s set, exploring various Eastern folk melodies, is very reminiscent of Bartok in a way, but with some updated styling.  The prologue and epilogue were written for two composers: Messiaen and William Albright. ~ Endless Possibilities (WRSU)

Child’s Play : Trio by Peter Child

Neuma Records: 450-98

[ LISTEN ] I Celebration • II Variation • III Reflection • IV Gombosi Romp
Grant Ho, violin; Asher Davison, clarinet; Elaine Chew, piano